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If you’re on a fitness journey, you have goals for what you hope to get out of your workouts. Maybe you want to build muscle, increase your stamina, or simply enjoy the stress-relieving action of working out. But since you’ve come to this page, you’re probably also interested in losing weight and wondering if you can use weight loss shakes to accelerate your weight loss journey.



The short answer is yes; weight loss shakes are a great addition to your diet when coupled with regular exercise! Weight loss shakes made with weight loss protein powder can help you lower your fat percentage and get nice lean muscle instead. We’ll walk you through how protein powder works for weight loss, choosing the right product, and finally, incorporating it into a weight loss shake. 

What Are the Various Types of Protein Powder, and How Can You Choose?


Protein powders are not all made alike. It’s confusing when standing in a health food store or browsing online. How can you know which one is the best? The answer is what makes protein powders different!


Protein Bases


Protein powders can be made with plant based protein or whey protein. sPlant-based powders’ protein comes from multiple sources, including peas, soy, chia, quinoa, hemp, and rice. Whey protein isn’t vegan, as it contains lactose. Therefore, selecting the protein base you want is essential.


Protein Extraction Method


You also want to consider how the protein was extracted. For instance, whey protein concentrate is different from whey protein isolate because the concentrate version contains a small percentage of fats and carbs in the mix. In contrast, the isolate version is more condensed at about 90-95 percent protein. Then there’s also whey protein hydrolysate, a more digestible way to consume protein and micellar casein, which releases protein slowly throughout the day or night.


Ingredient Lists


Also, choose a protein powder with an ingredient list you feel good about putting in your body. Often, protein powders include other additives that you may like the taste but not the impact. These can consist of artificial sweeteners, artificial flavoring, thickening agents, dairy, gluten, or preservatives; however, blends can also have added vitamins, minerals, or natural flavoring that do improve them. Always look at the nutrition facts to see what’s in your protein powder. Finding a brand you trust that puts your health and fitness goals first ensures you’ll have an easy time picking your products in the future.

What Does Protein Do?


Now you know about the different types of protein powder and how to choose your product, but why exactly do you need protein in the first place? What does it do, and does it help with weight loss?


Protein is a macronutrient found in foods that your body uses as an energy source and as a way to keep your bones and muscles healthy and strong. Protein builds muscles, making it a great addition to your diet when you’re strength training. But protein also builds and repairs your bones and tissues, so even if you aren’t getting enough exercise, you still need protein for the strength and durability of your limbs. Protein powder is a fantastic way to ensure you’re getting enough protein each day. 

How Protein Shakes Help With Weight Loss


Protein helps with weight loss in various ways, and one of the most delicious methods for getting your protein powder intake is to blend your weight loss protein powder into a shake. First, choose a protein powder specifically formulated to offer weight loss support through carefully selected ingredients and low calories (and no artificial sweeteners or fillers). You can then blend it with nutrient-rich foods like fruits, veggies, oats, and nut butter. 


Weight loss shakes made with protein powder work for a few different reasons, according to how protein helps. First, protein suppresses appetite the most by quashing the hunger hormone out of the three macronutrients (protein, fats, and carbs). Feeling other hunger cravings between meals is an easy way to fill up with the wrong kinds of foods accidentally. And since protein powder increases muscle mass over time (which increases your resting metabolism), it helps you get to a point where you’re burning more calories due to your body’s composition. Not only that, but eating lots of protein allows you to burn off more carbs and fats, so you don’t store weight.



Weight loss shakes work because they utilize the power of protein, a substance that helps to decrease your hunger and increase your metabolism so you can accelerate your weight loss. Sipping on delicious protein powder shakes each day is an enjoyable and effective way to boost your weight loss results.


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