I Tried 2×4 Nutrition’s Beautiful Glow Supplement & Here’s What I Thought

Did you know most of the good stuff in the vitamins and supplements we take ends up going right down the toilet? Yep. Apparently, if you take vitamin gummies or pills, about 90-95% of what you’re meant to absorb coasts on out with your pee. Naturally, though, there are bodily elements we’d like to supplement and that benefit from being supplemented. Luscious hair, skin, and nails, for one. So what’s a body to do?

The answer is: Get those goods in a liquid formula created to help bodies absorb 95% of the nutrients. That’s exactly what Dr. Mallory Blair, PhD, scientist, and chemist, delivers with the potent supplements from her company, 2×4 Nutrition.


I tried Beautiful Glow, a liquid supplement (that’s actually gorgeous itself), made to rejuvenate skin, strengthen nails, and restore natural moisture to hair, with the ultimate effect of giving you a beautiful, healthy glow — as the name implies.

Get That Glow From The Inside Out

How Does It Work?

After being disappointed with a world of supplements that just don’t work, Dr. Blair developed Nutristack Liposomal Technology. It wraps the desired nutrients into tiny microscopic lipids, which deliver them directly and immediately into your blood, then right into your cells (where the magic happens). This technology has been clinically proven to increase nutrient absorption by up to 15x, allowing your body to absorb a whopping 95% of the nutrients in the solution. Which is kinda the point.

Beautiful Glow uses a blend of vitamins including C and A, along with biotin, folate, and natural herbs. This magic mix is formulated to hydrate and nourish skin, help maintain skin elasticity, and even help with hyperpigmentation. The formula can also nourish your hair, promote growth and moisture, and strengthen nails. It even has antioxidant support, which can help to neutralize free radicals in the body. Who doesn’t want, well, all of that?

My Experience

Once I poured out a spoonful, I was struck by the rich, gorgeous color of the liquid — a deep, tropical sunset orange that somehow looks packed with nutritious goodness at the outset. I tried it on its own to get the full experience. Does it taste like candy? No. It tastes like there’s a lot going on in that little spoonful, however, and I’m not here for snack time.

Paired with a morning glass of lemon water or kombucha, or mixed into a smoothie — be sure to stir it in after, not blend it — its berry-esque flavor goes down easy. And I swear I can feel the goodness permeating my body.

I’ve tried biotin supplements before and felt I got some benefits. However, this formulation is combined with loads of other goodies and it has me feeling more “enhanced” than the pills alone. My nails appear to be growing quicker and feel strong. I have fine hair that tends toward dryness — even after just a week of Glowing, my strands are feeling more resilient. My hair seems to be less dry and frizzy, which comes as a real surprise.

My skin is also very dry and sensitive, and while taking Beautiful Glow I’ve noticed my facial skin just looks good. I have a dark spot that seems to enjoy constantly staking new territory, and it truly seems like the edges have lightened. I’m serious about skin care, and for all the products that I load atop my skin, it feels nice to have something working from the cellular level out.

I know I haven’t been taking Glow very long, and I’m not not suspicious of these quick visible effects. I chalk it up to either potent wishful thinking, or Glow is a mystical witch’s potion. However, with things trending in this direction, I’m on board whatever the case.

Basking In The Afterglow

I actually get pretty jazzed for a cool little sip (store in the fridge once open!) of Glow every morning. Let’s face it, the pandemic hasn’t been the kindest on the mind or body, and incorporating something into my routine that I know my body is taking in and benefiting from has a ripple effect.

I’ve only been taking it for a short time, admittedly, but the nutrient-packed formula and quick absorption — along with suspicion-inducing visible effects — make me feel I’m just skating the tip of the iceberg as far as its body benefits.

Final Thoughts

If you feel like you’re not getting the boost you’re seeking from pills or supplements, I suggest picking up a bottle of Beautiful Glow. When aiming to do good for our bodies, it makes sense to get the most potent formulation out there, that’s proven to really get in there. And at 50% off, it’s a steal. Your hair, skin, and nails may show you their appreciation with shocking speed.

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