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SHERIDAN — The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services has enacted emergency rules that significantly increase grant amounts for the Workforce Development Training Fund to help businesses train and upskill employees. The emergency rules approved by Gov. Mark Gordon affect Business Training Grants and Internship Grants.


DWS Director Robin Sessions Cooley explained the program enhancements are intended to not only benefit more businesses across Wyoming but will also provide expanded training and upskilling opportunities for Wyoming workers.

“These training fund dollars have yielded both a skilled workforce and high-paying jobs for folks around the state,” Cooley said. “We’re always looking for data-driven ways to improve our services and when a program is successful we strive to make those opportunities available to as many businesses and workers as we can.”

Business Training and Support Unit Program Manager Shaye Moon said the increase in grant limits presents an opportunity for business across Wyoming.

“The Workforce Development Training Fund has been instrumental in allowing employers to hire, train and retain the best talent, and we know how important those things are for the health of any business,” Moon said.

The limits for Business Training Grants have been increased from $1,000 to $4,000, per trainee, per state fiscal year. For businesses in a preferred industry, the limit increased from $1,500 to $5,000, per trainee. The total amount of funding a business can apply for per state fiscal year has increased from $50,000 to $200,000, regardless of the number of trainees.

Limits for Internship Grants increase allowable hourly wages from $12 to $25, with the requested wage to be supported by industry standards. Businesses are now able to determine the number of internships they wish to host — up to six internships in a state fiscal year — as long as they are able to mentor the interns sufficiently. In addition, Wyoming county and memorial hospitals and emergency medical service providers are now also eligible for these grants.

More information about the Workforce Development Training Fund may be found at wyomingworkforce.org. For questions about these rule changes, email dws-wdtf@wyo.gov or call 307-777-8717.

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