hudson: Weight loss: Try this intense exercise Kate Hudson does to stay fit

Wanna look like 34 at 43? Take inspiration from the ultra-fit actor Kate Hudson’s workout secrets.

The rom-com queen, who has starred in hit films like ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ and ‘Bride Wars’, makes looking great seem seamless and natural. But, her Instagram workout videos are proof of how much hard-work (with fun) she puts into looking toned, lean and super fit.


The actor recently took to Instagram to post a video of herself doing an intense sled push. The clip reads, “Distraction procrastination. We call this #the hudsonsled.” The celeb captioned her post with, “Get it done however you know how… #thehudsonsled,” and tagged her trainer Brian Nguyen. Nguyen is likely who we hear cheering Hudson on in the background, saying, “It’s important to do mobility between each set … Come on girl, come on. Push forward! Push forward! Push forward!”

The sled push post garnered over 232K likes and encouraging comments like, “Morning inspo,” “Love her energy her body looks AMAZING. Keep up the good job, Kate….btw, great hype man,” and, “Get it giiirrll!!!”

So what is sled push and how to do it?

The sled push Hudson performs in her recent video is a combination of cardio and strength training all in one. It’s an amazing workout for losing weight. Also known as a prowler, the sled is a pretty simple tool. It’s a large sled that you can easily load with weight and slide. One of the most common ways prowler sleds are used in training is for during pushing workouts. This means you drive or push the sled with your legs for a certain distance, take a quick recovery, and repeat for a period of time.

You can also use the sled for pulling workouts. This helps to strengthen the upper body. For this, instead of pushing the sled forward, you’ll use your upper body, core, and your lower body to pull the sled toward you in increments, for a certain amount of time.

Weight loss benefits

Sled push is an excellent exercise for strength development, improving speed and burning calories. Whether you are at novice or more advanced fitness levels, the sled push will definitely help you to lose weight by burning calories and body fat. Studies suggest that performing a high intensity functional exercise like the sled push can change overall body composition and help reduce body fat. The many variations of the sled will kick your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine. The sled push workout will help you achieve an athletic appearance.

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