Lynn buys Vox CrossFit to preserve community of program; welcomes all fitness levels


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Jonathan and Esther Lynn recently purchased Vox CrossFit from Matt and Ty Stauffer at SportsTutor with the primary intention of preserving the community that surrounds the fitness program. Lynn has been active in the CrossFit world for more than a decade and was giddy at the prospect of owning his own gym. 

Lynn aspires to keep the gym intact for several years and not become “another business that COVID could claim.” With SportsTutor pulled in many directions for their other programs and services, Lynn and Stauffer sat down and reached a mutual agreement. 

“My reason for buying it was to preserve it. I love the community and the people that work out there every day,” Lynn said. “I’m definitely still leaning on SportsTutor, and we’re continuing to utilize their building. We want to revamp some things but maintain the tradition of hard work that’s already been established.”

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Lynn said the workouts are primarily based on activities that mirror everyday life, such as sitting in a chair or getting in and out of a car, which he said are a big deal when you’re 90. 

“Our goal is to promote fitness through movements that in the gym will make your life outside the gym better,” he said. “The more intensity we can add, the quicker we can reach your desired fitness level.”

Lynn added that a common misconception is that CrossFit isn’t for everyone, a notion likely derived from watching professionals on television. 

“Several people are intimidated by what they see on TV or the internet, which are professionals participating in competitions,” he said. “That’s what people think is going on inside our gym, and that isn’t the case. There’s a misnomer that you have to be in shape before you get here.”

Vox CrossFit welcomes all shapes, sizes, and strengths and provides a group of skilled coaches to tailor workouts to members’ fitness levels. Lynn said they’ve created a family atmosphere that encompasses moms, dads, senior citizens, teenagers, and athletes.

The members operate much like a sports team, Lynn said. 

“It feels like you’re back on a sports team, practicing together and sharing in the suffering and the praises,” he said. “There are constant high fives and words of encouragement. It’s different from going to a big box gym, plugging in your headphones, and not talking to anyone.”

The life-changing experiences aren’t limited to fitness, however. Lynn said the members learn each other’s names and often spend time together outside the gym. 

“There’s a community created, and it’s pretty neat to see,” he said. 

Vox is open from Monday through Saturday and offers a 5 a.m. morning class, a 4:30 p.m. afternoon class, and a 5 p.m. open gym. Lynn said the entire premise of CrossFit is to do it with other people and to create a sense of belonging. 

The first class is free, and anyone is welcome to show up at any class time to give it a try. Lynn said coaches are present to keep you safe, and most people return after trying it. 

The general package provides unlimited access to classes for $100 per month, well below the national average for CrossFit memberships. 

“There’s an addictive excitement about it,” Lynn said. “Coaching is fun. It’s neat to see how people change. I’ve witnessed a grandmother go from not being able to lift much weight to expressing her joy at how she could now pick up her grandkids.”

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