Lifestyle Changes by Dr. Janine Darby Helps Patients Slim Down and Companies Shape Up

Sedentary from working from home during the pandemic, his workforce had been struggling. They felt isolated and lethargic. Scales were inching up. He worried about their health, decreasing productivity, and burnout. In a tight labor market, he feared The Great Resignation would spread to his company.

With his firm’s new wellness partnership with Lifestyle Changes, he stopped worrying. As he invests in his staff, they become more invested in the company. Lifestyle Changes Corporate Wellness Program is tailored to different workforces. Generally, each employee receives an individualized health assessment and wellness action plan created by Dr. Darby and participates in regular virtual wellness events she leads. Sessions begin and end with guided meditation to help keep everyone grounded. And those who need extra help losing weight can enroll in Dr. Darby’s individual weight loss programs at a reduced price.


Over time, emotional and physical loads become lighter. High blood pressure and stress melt away. Restful sleep is restored. Happier in themselves, they become happier and more productive at work. “Most corporate wellness programs are run by the business; they’re not physician-led,” says Dr. Darby. “That’s what sets mine apart. I understand what humans need, what their bodies need, and what the individual health issues are.”

In the coming months, Dr. Darby plans to add yoga, more recipes and cooking tips, a meal delivery service for busy clients and patients, and a library of healthy-tips videos. She also has a proprietary collection of vitamins and supplements to complement her treatment plans and corporate programs.

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About Lifestyle Changes:

Lifestyle Changes by Dr. Janine Darby is a virtual weight management and corporate wellness practice. Dr. Darby is a Carnegie Mellon University and Temple University School of Medicine graduate. Learn more at, 484-685-0033, or [email protected].

PR Contact: Leslie Padilla / 267-800-4316 / [email protected]  

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