Oneness Yoga Challenge 2022-Your Journey To Spiritual Fitness

The Oneness yoga challenge is a week-long event that will be taking place from June 15-21. This challenge is designed to awaken body bliss and activate the 7 chakras.

Sri Preethaji’s creation of this year’s Oneness Yoga Challenge is inspired by ancient Himalayan Yogis’ pursuit of enlightenment and the mystical experiences from her consciousness. This unique yoga experience is built on chakra power to unlock your body bliss. It also includes yoga nidra, which cleanses the brain of its toxins. 

This year’s yoga challenge is a mystic movement of the body.  As you stretch and stay, tense and relax, chant and focus, breathe and hold each day of the challenge you will manifest the energies of stability, delight, courage, love,  flow, awareness and oneness into you. 


Graceful postures, chanting the mantras, visualising the Yantras and transforming the rhythms of your breath as you move through the yogic movements you wake up to your body bliss.

Sri Preethaji says that the purpose of oneness yoga is not physical health or physical fitness, It is to lead you to spiritual fitness. It is Chitta Vritti Nirodha Or cessation of repetitive thoughts which build into suffering and open you up to Ananda or bliss. The final goal of yoga is to lead you to Jeevan Mukti or complete enlightenment. The vision of Ekam or oneness is to create such Jeevan Muktas or enlightened beings whose presence will tilt the balance in the collective human consciousness away from hate, greed and sorrow to compassion and to oneness. This shift in consciousness is the only solution for all the problems. Individual problems and the world’s problems. 

Sri Preethaji also believes that compassion, attention and patience are the true spirit of Yoga and not aggressively pushing one’s body into a yogic posture.  Yoga is a movement in compassionate awareness of the body. As you settle in each asana breathe and concentrate your prana in that muscle group, then the body begins to heal. The muscles release the physical and emotional stress stored in them and in it’s own time your body gracefully arches into the perfect position.

The Oneness yoga challenge is a universal path to health, bliss, and oneness. It is offered online, so you can practice in the privacy of your home or as a community. This yoga challenge is for everyone, regardless of age or religious background. Sri Preethaji urges her followers and millions of seekers to join the journey to unlock body bliss! Through this phenomenal yoga challenge; You will be amazed by what you will discover about yourself, your health, and your body.

The challenge lasts for 7 days, culminating on the International Day of Yoga. On this day seekers from world over will engage in creating oneness yoga mob in their neighbourhoods, at work places, in parks, in libraries, in open spaces by creating their own group for fellow yoga enthusiasts to gather and participate in a collective experience. Inspiring the world towards yoga, bliss & oneness.

This event would be an opportunity for people to connect with each other and raise global consciousness.


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