Is Diet Control Best Way to Lose Weight| A Nutritionist Responds

The world is very quickly becoming obese. Governments in most countries including India have declared this as a pandemic. One third of Americans are obese and the trend is catching up fast in India as well. Most of us in our late thirties or forties are facing the challenge of unwanted weight gain. So what can we do about it? One suggestion we all get is to control our diet. A lot of diet plans have cropped up to solve this problem. People swear by Keto diet, Dixit diet and so many other diet plans. The question is – “Is diet control the best way to lose weight?” We will try to answer that question in this article.Also Read – Can Drinking Lemon Water on an Empty Stomach Help You Lose Weight? Find Out.

Nandan Gijare, Founder and Director of the Indian Institute of Cosmetology, Aesthetics & Nutrition (I2CAN) says that weight loss is a very loosely used term and it can mean different things to different people. Some people want to lose weight, some people want to lose inches and some others want to only do body shaping. In each case, the approach needed to change drastically. Before we get into these options individually, let us first look at how our body loses or gains weight. Also Read – Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: I Lost 55 Kgs by Eating Dinner Before Sunset And by Mixing Cardio-Strength Workouts


When we eat, we gain energy. This energy is stored under the skin in the form of adipose cells. These cells can be later consumed to generate energy for the body as per the requirement. If the intake of calories is more than its consumption, then adipose cells start depositing in specific areas of the body, which we call fat. If the calorie intake is less than the calorie consumption, then these stored cells are used to provide balance energy and we lose weight. It’s simple math. To lose weight, we can either reduce our calorie intake, increase our calorie consumption or do both. Also Read – 6 Ways to Control Your Cholesterol Levels Naturally

Diet is the only way to control calorie intake. We can increase our calorie consumption by exercising and remaining more active throughout the day or by machines (like Laser or Cryolipolysis). Although its possible to use diet control alone to lose weight, it mostly ends up being very difficult to maintain for a longer period of time. The below chart shows how sustainable various weight loss methods are:

As you can see, any potential method you use can reduce your weight in the initial period, but there is a rebound period, when most of the lost weight is regained. As can be seen, the combination of diet control and exercise works best. Medication can also give good results, but there can be side effects and hence that is not the recommended mode of treatment. A combination of machine-based weight loss to diet+exercise combo can help in accelerating the initial weight loss.

Another purpose for which people seek weight loss is for body contouring or body shaping. Here the purpose is not the loose weight but to change the shape of the body to a more desirable one. For this requirement, diet is useless. Diet can never selectively take off fat. Machines and Meso solutions are the only solutions available currently for this purpose. Patients can use these techniques for inch loss and facial contouring.

So as we can see, diet control is a very powerful way to control and manage your weight. But depending on your needs, it may or may not be the best method. Combining it with other modalities also increases the overall effectiveness. Diet control and Exercise combination is very powerful and can give satisfactory results to most patients. But above all, and overall lifestyle change is needed. Our approach toward eating and being active needs to change. That is the only way we can lose weight and maintain it on a longer-term basis.

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