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You are at your favorite burger joint; you just ordered a burger with all your favorite toppings. Then the serving staff asks if you want anything with it. Of course, you do! But you are tired of French fries or a salad; you want something different. Then a smile creeps across your face as you say, “Yes, onion rings, please!” Those onion rings are the perfect side because today, June 22, is National Onion Ring Day.


After French fries, onion rings are the second most popular choice to pair with your burger, according to Holiday Insights. Aren’t you lucky that someone a long time ago, created the first onion ring recipe? Here lies the great mystery or debate: Just who created the first onion ring recipe?

It is well documented that the first onion ring recipe was in the recipe book “The Art of Cookery Made Easy and Refined.” It was published in 1802. In the 1900s, several other individuals, companies and restaurants have made claim to be the first. Those supporting their case suggest the 1802 recipe called for onions sliced into rings and fried.

Undoubtedly, those who came up with recipes in the 1900s contributed to the evolution of onion rings and contributed new recipes for our beloved rings. But the 1802 recipe was the first. I don’t mean to take sides in the debate, I’m just sayin’.

So how to celebrate the day? Well, you and your friends could go out to different cafes, restaurants, and food places, order onion rings and taste-test to see which onion rings you like best. Or you could all get together at someone’s home and make your own. Either way, you will be making a memory.

How was your Father’s Day celebration? Our fathers enjoyed a dinner of ribs, chicken, shrimp, beef, rolls and several salads. And for dessert, we served ice cream Drumsticks, ice cream sandwiches and homemade cherry-topped cheesecake. There was lots of storytelling and catching up. It was a pleasant day had by all.

The Fourth of July is in 13 days. The celebration of the United States’ independence is another day to party and celebrate — and to watch fireworks, which I totally look forward to. However, with the dryness of days, it may be more beneficial to enjoy the commercial fireworks displays held on lakes or at the river than to light up home fireworks.

I know, I know: There is nothing like a little child’s face when they watch fireworks at home, but please be very careful about where you hold the display and to be sure to soak the used-up fireworks in water overnight.

It is a three-day weekend, so you could pack up and head for the ocean or a lake. Of course, you would probably need to take out a loan to afford the tank of gas to go. And traveling home on Monday, the night after the firework display, could be stressful, so it may be beneficial to be thankful for our country’s independence by staying home and enjoying the company of family and friends. However you choose to celebrate, be safe and considerate of your neighbors.

Flower of the day: Petunias

Recipe of the day: Fried onion rings in beer batter

Dates to remember.

July 4 – Independence Day

Until next week – Be strong, be courageous and make a memory.

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