Bioenergy Life Science to showcase Bioenergy Ribose and Riagev in three food prototypes

Bioenergy Life Science (BLS; Ham Lake, MN) will be showcasing three prototypes that feature its Bioenergy Ribose and Riagev ingredients at this year’s IFT First (Food Improved by Research, Science and Technology), taking place in Chicago. Bioenergy Ribose, the company’s flagship ingredient, supports energy by replenishing ATP production, and can also be used in plant-based meat alternatives to create an ideal taste and texture, or to add sweetness to a product. Riagev is a patented formulation with Bioenergy Ribose and nicotinamide that can support cognition and concentration, plus simultaneous increases in NAD, ATP and glutathione production. In food and beverages, Riagev can also be used to sweeten products. In the prototypes created by chef Gerard Viverito, Bioenergy Ribose will be featured in plant-based bunless sliders as well as fruit leather, and Riagev will be featured in citrus gummy cubes.

“Using Ribose is a way to sweeten food without increasing its glycemic index, which is especially good for those of us who are following the keto diet,” explained Viverito, in a press release. “I watch every gram of sugar I put into my body. Unlike monk fruit or stevia, Ribose has a slightly less perceived sweetness profile which many people prefer. I also wanted to demonstrate its versatility. Bioenergy Ribose is fully soluble and can be heated to 375 degrees.”


The plant-based bunless slider is made with black beans, grains, tomato and Bioenergy Ribose, which Viverito says makes it possible to naturally brown the sliders, giving them a meat-like aroma and caramelization. When it comes to the citrus gummy cubes and fruit leather, Riagev and Bioenergy Ribose offer health benefits and flavor.

“Fresh but not overly sweet, I wanted to showcase how RiaGev might be used in a gummy format. Just pop one of these in your mouth to get RiaGev’s healthy aging benefits including cognitive support!” said Viverito. He goes on to explain how the ingredients can help manufacturers bring down their sugar content. “In the old days, fruit leather was a little juice and a lot of sugar and artificial ingredients,” he continues. “Mine features pureed fruit and a surprisingly small amount of organic sugar. Again, this is made possible because Bioenergy Ribose is slightly sweet.”

“BLS is re-imagining the possibilities for plant-based foods, foods and healthy snacks,beverages and shakes/meal replacements,” said BLS director of marketing, Penny Portner. “You can trust BLS to partner with you on everything from ingredient selection and formulation to strategic marketing support.”

BLS ingredients are Non-GMO Project Verified and clean label. You will be able to sample these prototypes at IFT booth # S3110.

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