Meet Veronica Bielik, Cardinals HC Kliff Kingsbury’s incredible fitness model girlfriend

Arizona Cardinals HC Kliff Kingsbury is calling all the shots this offseason. Not only did he put his employer on the spot at a press conference to get an extension done before training camp, but he also has a supermodel girlfriend making the social media rounds this week.



Veronica Bielik, a model with over three million Instagram followers, recalled the pair taking a trip to her native Croatian island of Lastovo, in an Instagram caption. reported that the Cardinals coach plans to meet Bielik’s family for the first time in Poland during their travels.

A source detailed the pair’s relationship to the New York Post, noting that Kingsbury brought Bielik to Rams coach Sean McVay’s wedding earlier this month.

“Kliff and Veronica are living together. She goes back to Poland for brief periods (vacations with her friends) and then she comes back…”

As Arizona’s minicamp concluded last week, Kingsbury kept details of why he’d be absent for the weeks to follow, to a minimum:

“The next month is my time. Y’all won’t see me. I will be out of the country, unreachable for any of y’all. I get away for about three weeks and then we’ll get in and start finalizing scripts for training camp.”

According to the the New York Post, Bielik is also an entrepreneur who co-founded Spotlight Agency, an influencer marketing company. She is also reportedly working with Bang Energy.

Checking in on the “going to be unreachable for the next month” Kliff Kingsbury and…well, I can see why he didn’t want anyone to find him

Kliff Kingsbury spoke on behalf of the Cardinals front office in Kyler Murray negotiations

Kliff Kingsbury’s motive during the Kyler Murray minicamp negotiations is now explained by Bielik’s presence. Kingsbury was essentially talking as though he represented the front office’s desires:

“I think our long-term goal here is to have Kyler be our quarterback. He understands that. He understands my view of him and how I feel about him. It’s all part of the business right now and things we’ll continue to work through.

“I think we’ve improved each year offensively. Obviously, didn’t like the way we finished but we’ve got to continue to be creative, put him in positions to be successful and surround him with talent so that he can make plays.”


Kliff Kingsbury’s wishes still haven’t been granted, but if or when they are, Murray will be one of the highest-paid QBs of all time. While the specifics of a potential deal have not yet been released, a $40 million per-year average salary is expected to be announced when an agreement is reached.

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