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Oh, that we could all go out with such a blaze of glory serving our community as Carol Wood did!


President Carol Wood has certainly set a shining example for us. She and her husband, Kelley, joined the Floral City Garden Club in 2018 and immediately they became very involved in club activities. She had just returned home from the annual short course offered by the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, when she suddenly passed away on June 8 at her home in Brooksville.

It can easily be said that Carol fully participated in life. From her early years on, her life reflects a broad interest and involvement in a wide variety of subjects. Outgoing and observant to the needs around her, she was a constant contributor or instigator for programs that helped others. Yes, when she saw a need and there was no program, she started one.

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This mindset carried over into these past five years when she applied her management, personnel and fundraising skills to the work of the national, state, district and local garden clubs. Carol was involved at all levels.

At the time of her passing, she had been heavily involved in the Florida Federation of Garden Club to include, Wekiva Youth Camp and the S.E. E. K. youth environmental course serving in chairmanship capacities as S.E.E.K registrar and awards sponsorship chair. She was on the state executive board as corresponding secretary. In addition, Carol served the demanding role of chair of the 2022 State Garden Club Convention and of the upcoming 2023 State Garden Club Convention.

At the national level, Carol was registrar for the National Garden Club convention and at the District V level she served as Secretary to our own Floral City Garden Club member, Director Donna Thomas.

Our local Club members will miss her greatly, as Carol was currently president of the Floral City Garden Club.

As president of our local club, she demonstrated all the characteristics of a great leader. Her kindness to all stands out, as does her understanding and empathy for others. Carol was always willing to look at new events and ways of approaching a situation, shining forth with a positive attitude in these times of divisiveness as a bright example for us all. You will be sorely missed, Carol!

To assure the continuity of the Garden Club, Kelley Wood, Carol’s husband and an active member of the Floral City Garden Club, held a meeting at his home on June 15. He will provide the needed assistance to First Vice President Janie Stewart, as she assumes the presidential role. Marcie Mason will assume the first vice presidency and Diane Lamoureux the second vice presidency for one year only. The club welcomed new members Cynthia Trudeau and Angela Salzer, who will be included into the annual Year Book.

The Floral City Garden Club will resume meetings on the second Friday monthly beginning on Sept. 9 at 11 a.m. in the Floral City Community House at the Town Center. Meanwhile, the club members will continue to maintain their Community Gardens on Tuesdays at 8 a.m. June 28, July 26 and Aug. 30.

For more information about the club and the monthly Horticulture Hints by Horticulture Chair Kathy Lingusky, visit www.floralcitygardenclub.com; or, call Janie Stewart at 954-557-5982.

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