This One Weight Loss Tip Can Help You Lose Weight in a Week, Heres What to Avoid

Weight Loss Tips: It can be exhausting to look for that perfect diet plan which guarantees weight loss. If you wish to lose oodles of kilos by doing the bare minimum, then we have you covered. Heard of the No-White Foods diet? Well, in this diet plan you need to eliminate processed white-coloured foods from your diet. According to various reports, white foods are healthy, heavily processed, high in carbs, and contain fewer nutrients as compared to colourful veggies and fruits.Also Read – Struggling With An Increased Level Of Uric Acid? Do Include This Effective And Natural Green Drink In Your Diet – Watch Video

Healthline reported, “by removing the white foods from your plate, you are said to set yourself up for a more nutritious diet that promotes weight loss and improve your blood sugar levels.” Also Read – Side Effects Of Garlic: Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Consume Too Much Of Garlic | Watch Video


5 Foods You Must Avoid to Lose Weight

  • White Bread: White bread is made from white flour. During the milling process, the germ, bran, fibre, and vitamins are removed from the white bread. Due to which it lacks fibre and protein which are important nutrients. Eating white bread can lead to weight gain. By eliminating white bread from your diet, you can lose weight.

What you can have instead

Whole grain bread: It is made the flour which is loaded with natural nutritional value. It does promote weight gain. Whole grain bread improves fibre intake, improves your blood sugar levels, and makes you feel full for a longer duration. Also Read – Looking For A Healthy And Refreshing Snacking Options? You Should Definitely Add These Food Items In Your Diet – Watch Video

  • White Rice: White rice is also made of refined grains. Similar to white bread, the bran and germ are removing during the milling process because of which it turns out to be a starchy, fluffy rice. Healthline report says that white rice is not unhealthy but it does not contain much in terms of nutritional value.

What you can have instead:

Brown Rice: You can have brown rice instead of white rice as it has more fibre, vitamins and minerals.

  • White Sugar: To speed up your weight loss journey avoid sugar of all colours and forms, including white sugar, brown sugar, honey and maple syrup. Sugar is loaded with calories and can often lead to weight gain.

What you can have instead:

Fruits: You can instead of fruits when you crave something sweet. It has nutritious value as they are packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.

  • Salt: Salt is important for your health, but many foods are loaded with too much salt.

What you can have instead

Herbs: You can add herbs and flavours to your food and cut down on salt. Try adding oregano, basil, thyme, and rosemary to your food.

  • White Potatoes: White potatoes are not unhealthy, they are loaded with potassium, calcium, and fibre. But they can contribute to weight gain because they are often served fried.

What you can have instead

Colourful Vegetables: You can have colourful vegetables which are not just healthy but can help fight chronic health conditions.

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