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Working out can take a lot out of you, especially if you’re not really sure how to get started. Well, there is a brand new fitness product that was born right here in South Florida. It’s small, but it packs a punch.

Fergie gets it. Kanye West knows a thing or two about getting stronger, and now, thanks to CinderFit, there’s a brand new workout tool on the block that’s here to pump up your fitness game.


Fit check? No sweat. CinderFit’s got a grip on getting those gains.

Felipe Azenha: “CinderFit is a new product that we developed that looks like a cinder block. It comes in five different weights, but it’s a full body, strength training and conditioning product.”

Forget the cement. These blocks are easier on the hands but just as good for the body.

Felipe Azenha: “They’re made out of steel, but they’re covered in a rubber neoprene. The CinderFit block does everything a regular cinder block does but much, much more. We designed it in a way that there are 13 different handles. You can attach bands to it, so it really is a full body workout.”

He’s not kidding. The CinderFit blocks range in weight from 15 to 55 pounds, and you can use them to focus on everything from arms, shoulders, chest, back, legs, abs and even do some cardio.

Felipe Azenha: “It really is just an entire gym in a block.”

Kat Tatochenko: “I’ve been doing fitness pretty much my whole entire life, and I find myself actually tired and sore at the end of a workout, because it really targets muscle groups and forces you to have like, perfect form.”

Wanna take your workout up another notch? Add some resistance bands.

Felipe Azenha: “With the CinderFit blocks now, you can attach them virtually anywhere on the floor.”

But it’s not just about the versatility…

Felipe Azenha: “It works very much like a kettle bell in a lot of ways, but it’s much more functional. It also works very much like a dumbbell.”

…It’s also the durability.

Felipe Azenha: “You can use it as a step as well. We just actually have them tested. It can take up to 9,500 pounds worth of pressure on them.”

And the best part is, you don’t have to be a fitness buff or gym pro to use it.

Felipe Azenha: “The CinderFit block can really be used by everyone. You don’t need other pieces of equipment. It’s super simple to use.”

Kat Tatochenko: “You can do so much with just one, so you can actually go through exercises really quickly, so you can cover a lot.”

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