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If you are tired of the belly sticking out in your nicest clothes and having to deal with the discomfort of a gassy gut and constipation, look no further. In this guide, you will learn how to promote gut health and lose stubborn pounds off your stomach with the help of the ColonBroom fiber supplement. Click Here to Get Up to 65% Off Your Order.

The ColonBroom fiber supplement is a sugar-free, non-GMO, vegan-friendly soluble fiber powder that promises to relieve symptoms of bloating and constipation. It helps those suffering from digestion blockages, boosts the immune system, provides a healthier microbiota, and prevents cardiovascular diseases and colon issues. With that, it also promotes a sense of fullness and aids in weight loss, especially for those stuck with the same diet for a long time and not seeing results.


This fiber supplement contains natural components, including psyllium husk and many other beneficial ingredients. Psyllium husk is a fiber made from the husks of the Plantago ovata plant’s seeds. This water-loving substance becomes a viscous compound, helping eliminate constipation, bloating, diarrhea, and excess weight. It is also a fiber that supports overall health by lowering cholesterol, maintaining blood sugar levels, reducing hunger between meals by keeping the satiety levels high and regulating your bowel movement schedule to a more consistent one.

Getting enough fiber in your diet is essential to enjoying a healthy gut. Two scoops of ColonBroom powder a day can help you get enough fiber while bringing many other health benefits to the table.

What Is ColonBroom?

ColonBroom was introduced to the market a few years ago, bringing the customers a new way to implement fiber into their diets. But what makes ColonBroom different from other fiber supplements? Why should you choose this particular supplement instead of relying on others? This fiber shake is different from its competitors because it is highly adaptable to many diets and patterns of eating. Because ColonBroom is sugar-free, it is safe to use it with intermittent fasting or the keto diet. Also, the fiber in the supplement is not digested by our bodies, hence why it does not stop a fasting window or ketosis.

While such advantages of the product can be offered, it remains sweet, filling, and dessert-like. Thanks to the natural flavors of ColonBroom, it tastes like a strawberry milkshake and can be mixed with water, juices, porridges, and smoothies.

ColonBroom’s powder is also made from soluble fiber, offering a variety of health benefits alongside the possibility of getting rid of a few extra pounds. It also feeds healthy gut bacteria, creating a better foundation for those who want to start a more nutritious diet.

Thanks to psyllium husk, the key fiber ingredient in ColonBroom, you can expect such benefits as boosted satiety, weight regulation, cleansed colon, and regulated stool. Getting enough fiber in your diet ensures an easy digestion process while keeping you feeling full for more extended periods. A suppressed appetite means less snacking throughout the day, resulting in better weight regulation.

Moreover, fiber naturally scrubs the insides of your intestines, creating a better environment for your microbiota. And lastly – forget constipation! Fiber is a water-loving substance that becomes a viscous compound, keeping the stool hydrated. A hydrated stool is much easier to pass through your gut. Therefore, it lubricates your colon, relieves constipation, and reduces bloating.

While facing issues with constipation can be highly uncomfortable, having a solution such as ColonBroom makes it easy and seamless. While results may depend on every customer’s individual activity levels or diet, one can be sure that better gut health is a guaranteed benefit of this journey. Users report feeling lighter, seeing a flatter belly, and enjoying higher energy levels throughout the day. Not to mention, implementing such products for a long time can save you from many health conditions related to gut health, such as colon cancer.

How Does ColonBroom Work in the Body?

The critical ingredient in ColonBroom, psyllium husk, is known for its remarkable properties working precisely like a broom in your gut. While it removes all the waste in your gut, it also lubricates the inside of your intestines, making it easier to digest food.

The water-loving substance also acts like a sponge and slows down fat absorption, making it easier to drop a few stubborn pounds around your waist.

Once a scoop of ColonBroom powder is mixed with water, the jelly-like substance travels through one’s gut and collects the buildup waste inside it, preparing you for a smoother bowel movement. After around a day, you will start feeling a seamless and smooth result. When used twice daily, it ensures an overall healthy foundation of your gut’s microbiota and slows down fat absorption, making one less prone to weight gain.

While getting rid of the buildup in your belly, you will also feel more energetic and experience fewer mood swings since the alien bacteria will not weigh you down in your gut. Also, regular usage will ensure a flatter belly and minor to no bloating.

You should start feeling the changes in your bowel movement within 12–24 hours. More noticeable results can appear after 72 hours. However, it depends on your metabolic rate.

After keeping up the consistency for a week, you will notice a relief in your gut. Incorporating it into your daily diet will not only help fight symptoms of indigestion but also help keep a healthy foundation for the further duration of the diet.

Ingredients of ColonBroom

One of the product’s most remarkable features is that it is an all-natural, non-GMO product, making the supplement safe.

The main component of ColonBroom is psyllium husk, a bulk-forming fiber that supports digestive health. It absorbs water and becomes a viscous compound that benefits constipation, diarrhea, blood pressure, and weight loss.

Aside from fiber power, the supplement contains citric acid, sea salt, crystallized lemon, strawberry flavor flavonoids, stevia, and pieces of sodium, calcium, and potassium. Sea salt promotes digestion, citric acid helps with heartburn, and other compounds hold the texture and taste together.

What Are the Benefits of ColonBroom?

Boosted satiety

While you digest fiber, the digestive system uses it to help pass the food and feel fuller much faster. The feeling of fullness tends to linger. Therefore, there are fewer temptations to snack throughout the day.

That results in easier weight management, and fiber makes it easier to keep up with the fasting windows for those who are practicing intermittent fasting. Fiber is not digested by our bodies, hence why it does not break your fast – it simply passes through!

Cleansed colon

Not only does fiber ease the digestion process, it also does the job of sweeping all of the accumulated buildup sitting in your gut and taking it to the exit. Besides that, fiber naturally scrubs the insides of your intestines, creating a better environment for your microbiota.

Regulated consistency and volume of your stool

Fiber is a water-loving substance that becomes a viscous compound, keeping the stool hydrated. A hydrated stool is much easier to pass through your gut.

Boosted energy levels

Getting rid of the buildup in your gut can result in higher energy levels and less drowsiness throughout the day.

A flatter belly

When saying goodbye to bloating and constipation, pat the balloon belly and wish a happy farewell to it too. You will suddenly notice a difference in your belly by eliminating gas and buildup in your gut.

Weight regulation

A feeling of fullness and a more regular bowel movement means you will see a weight change if you follow an adequate diet.

Are There Any Side Effects of ColonBroom?

The dietary fiber in ColonBroom is generally safe. If you’re just starting, you might experience constipation, diarrhea, or bloating for the first few days. Your body needs to adjust to the increased fiber intake.

However, managing the side effects is not hard. Make sure to drink plenty of water, stop the fiber intake for a while until the symptoms subside, or engage in light physical activity to add some movement to your digestive system.

It is recommended to consult a doctor if you are experiencing side effects other than the previously mentioned. If you are experiencing common side effects, such as bloating, for longer than a week, discontinue the supplement until the side effects subside.


ColonBroom might have some drawbacks that are common among other fiber supplements, such as:

  • Some may experience temporary side effects
  • Takes 1–2 weeks to notice the first results
  • Cannot be purchased from offline stores
  • Only one flavor

Where to Buy ColonBroom?

ColonBroom is available on the maker’s official website and on Amazon. On the maker’s official website, you have to fill out a quiz that would gather information about your measurements, goals, physical activity, age, and sex. After that, the website will suggest a proper dosage of ColonBroom to reach your desired goals.

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Conclusion of the ColonBroom Fiber Supplement

ColonBroom is a fiber supplement that supports a healthy gut, fights bloating and constipation, and ensures a more regular bowel movement. It minimizes the hassle of weight loss and removes bacteria accumulated in one’s gut. You may enjoy a boosted metabolism, more stable energy and mood levels, and a flatter belly by eliminating toxins.

It is highly tailorable and safe to use while practicing intermittent fasting, following a keto diet, or pregnant/breastfeeding. While 90% of America’s population is not getting enough fiber, it is an excellent addition to a daily diet that will bring many health advantages.

Try this product and say goodbye to clogged gut and extra pounds!

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