Here’s How You Can Make Potatoes Helpful for Weight Loss

Nowadays, since most people are inclined towards fitness and a healthy lifestyle, potato consumption has plummeted. Due to the high glycemic index in potatoes, people have removed them from their meals and moved towards a low-carb diet rich in green vegetables and protein. However, carbohydrates are beneficial for keeping the body active and for strengthening the brain, kidneys, and heart muscles but at the same time, too many carbs found in potatoes can be harmful.

Nonetheless, experts have discovered a way to make potatoes healthy and weight-loss friendly for fitness enthusiasts.


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Sweet potatoes are considered healthier options as they contain more nutrients. Potatoes are widely classified into two types:

1. Waxy

2. Starchy

Starch-based potatoes have a creamy texture. They can be eaten raw, mashed, or baked. Waxy potatoes on the other hand are best served when boiling. They can be used in salad preparation as well. Experts recommend adding vinegar along with a pinch of salt when the water is boiling. The reason is to keep the potatoes from losing form and remaining strong. Potatoes shall be boiled for approximately 30 minutes and the ideal time to mix vinegar and salt is during the 13th minute.

What are the benefits of adding Vinegar?

It helps to make the potato skin thinner. Moreover, the acidic properties of vinegar cause the pectin in potatoes to break down quickly. Vinegar also has certain health advantages as it lessens the body’s glycemic and insulinemic responses.

Spread salad over potatoes

Using the salad after keeping it in the fridge can significantly lower the glycemic index. In order to make your salad more delicious plus healthy, you can season it with spring or red onions, chives, and oregano.

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