Business News | Kareena Kapoor Khan Joins Nutrition Brand TruNativ as Brand Ambassador

New Delhi [India], July 18 (ANI/PNN): Everyday nutrition brand, TruNativ announces the signing the Queen of Bollywood Kareena Kapoor as its brand ambassador. The partnership will likely solidify TruNativ’s brand image and enhance its reach among the customers. TruNativ has been on a mission to fight India’s long-prevailing Nutrition deficiency ever since its inception.

As the brand ambassador, ‘Bebo’ will help realize TruNativ’s vision of simplifying nutrition for millions of Indian households. Founded in 2019 by Pranav Malhotra, TruNativ is an innovative nutrition brand offering laboratory-tested high-quality nutrition products to conveniently fill nutritional gaps in Indian families. Starting as a wellness brand, the brand became one of India’s largest importers of proteins by 2020, drawing a seed fund from 9 Unicorns in 2021 for its consumer-facing business. TruNativ specializes in developing products that seamlessly blend into one’s lifestyle while providing quality nutrition to families. TruNativ got backed by FMCG giant Emami, becoming the Fastest Startup to get FMCG Investment in only ten months of active operations.


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The underconsumption of protein in Indian families is primarily due to the misinformation surrounding protein and its consumption. At the same time, India is a country mainly of vegetarians and flexitarians where high-protein foods remain unidentified, unnoticed, and neglected. To counter this situation, TruNativ introduced Everyday Protein, India’s first protein for families, to overcome the dietary imbalance in Indian households. Everyday Protein can be mixed with everyday Indian foods without worrying about any alteration in taste. The brand also provides a range of Sports Nutrition offerings like Whey Concentrate and Whey Isolate. Their latest product is Everyday Fiber, a natural and convenient way to meet your fibre needs.

Talking about its new association with Kareena Kapoor, TruNativ Founder Pranav shares, “The pandemic has made us all realize that our health is the most valuable investment that we can have. In the post-pandemic world, Indians are gradually getting aware of the importance of having the right amount of nutrition in their meals. TruNativ is dedicated to developing nutritionally complete and affordable products manufactured with natural ingredients and the highest quality standards in this scenario. We now have the Queen of Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor, with us, so we hope to emerge as a household name in India.”

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Commenting on the partnership, Kapoor says, “The pandemic has taught us better as to how taking care of nutrition is of utmost importance, and so I always find healthy and clean solutions to maintain a balanced lifestyle. I’m happy to be a part of the TruNativ family, with whom I share a similar belief and vision, which is to simplify nutrition for millions of homes in India.”

TruNativ aims to continue researching consumer consumption behaviour and developing products that fit seamlessly in every household as a nutrition brand backed by scientific research, natural goodness, and smart nutrition. The brand envisions becoming a kitchen essential with its daily consumable nutrition products.

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