This Week’s Food Trend Suggests The Nordic Diet Is The Key To Healthy Living

Food expert Lola Biggs suggests the Nordic diet might hold the secret to health living. It’s similar to the Mediterranean diet, but with some key differences.

The types of fruit, vegetables and fish that are grown in the cooler climates, such as root vegetables like beets, carrots and turnips, plus fruits such as plums, apples and berries, along with fish such as herring make up the diet.


And for those probiotic bacteria fans, fermented food like dairy (kefir) and fermented fish is also included.

Lola said: ‘Both diets are generally healthy as they tend to limit the number of processed foods and saturated fats. One of the biggest differences between the two diets comes down to the oil they use.

‘The Mediterranean diet use extra virgin olive oil while the Nordic diet uses canola oil from the rapeseed plant. Both are excellent sources of heart healthy unsaturated fats and boost good cholesterol.’

‘As well as being well-balanced, it can be affordable as you are creating meals out of mostly whole grains, beans or lentils and plants that can be versatile and cheap.’

By choosing unsaturated fat sources (such as nuts, seeds, fatty fish) instead of saturated fat sources (cream, butter and other animal fat), you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

‘Proteins (found in fish and legumes) are important for many bodily functions, such as cell growth, immune system and enzymes.

‘By reducing the intake of processed red meat, as well as fatty animal protein sources, and, instead, choosing leaner protein sources (fish, poultry) or plant-based options (tofu, beans or lentils) you can reduce the risk of certain cancers.’ Signe told Daily mail.

‘The Nordic diet also features a large variety of foods, without any strict restrictions, which are key to a sustainable way of eating.

‘Having too many restrictions or forbidden foods in one’s diet will only last for short periods of time and is not a sustainable lifestyle.’

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