90 Day Fiance Jess Caroline Shows Off Her Weight Loss Progress

Recently, 90 Day Fiancé‘s Caroline Jess has been open about her weight loss transformation. On July 23, the reality television star shared a picture on her Instagram showing her impressive progress. Get more details about the snapshot below.

90 Day Fiancé’s Caroline Jess Keeps Getting Better

It takes much courage and determination for one to decide to lose weight and live healthily. However, Caroline has taken that bold step and wants to keep at it no matter what. To keep herself going, the reality television star shares her progress with her fans, no matter how little.


Caroline shared a picture on Saturday that showed her progress since going on a fitness journey. The side-by-side snapshot showed before and after photos of the TLC star.

The old photo showed her in a black tank top and matching bottoms. She posed facing the wall with her arms stretched out. The picture clearly showed Caroline’s excess fat.

However, the second and more recent photo showed Caroline’s weight loss transformation. In it, she wore a sky blue tank top and pink bottoms. Again, Caroline posed, facing a wall, and stretched out her hands. From the image, it was evident that the reality TV star had shed some weight.

Caroline’s Inspirational Caption

In the post’s caption, the 90 Day Fiance star said she decided to change a month ago. She admitted that the process hadn’t been easy but vowed not to give up. She concluded:

“I am very happy with the beginning of my life change. 🤍 thanks @brunocolhadonutri.”

Many of Caroline’s fans were pleased with her transformation and commended her for continuing her weight loss journey.

Caroline Reveals Her Weight Loss Transformation

Caroline’s weight loss transformation did not start today. On July 5, she opened up about her fitness journey in an Instagram post. In that post, she shared two side-by-side snaps of her transformation. However, it was in the post’s caption that she bore her heart out. She wrote:

“I decided to change… change my body, change my habits, my diet, my routine, my schedules… I’m taking more care of myself and I’m already seeing a difference, not only in my body, but in the discipline I’m having.”

Caroline admitted that it wasn’t easy and confessed that there were days she felt like giving up and not working out. However, she maintained that she was doing her best and working out even when she did not feel like doing so. Caroline concluded:

“It won’t always be perfect, but little by little I get there. I already feel much healthier and I’m happier. Thanks @brunocolhadonutri.”

90 Day Fiancé‘s Caroline Jess has done well to share her weight loss journey with her fans. It is commendable that she keeps going at it despite not always feeling like doing so. Hopefully, she will achieve her weight loss goals and inspire many people with her journey.

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