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Christopher Wiese’s body has taken a beating.


Whether it was from his younger days of boxing or martial arts, or shattering his elbow from falling off a ladder that resulted in a 27 degree loss of extension of his arm, or suffering a whiplash injury that made turning his neck near impossible and incredibly painful, there weren’t many days in Wiese’s life where he wasn’t in pain.

A heart attack at 32 scared Wiese.

“It made me not want to be active anymore because I was afraid to have another heart attack,” he said, adding that his lack of motivation led to him weighing nearly 300 pounds at one point.

Wiese was told by doctors that the loss in extension of his arm and his pain and immobility of his neck were permanent, but it wasn’t something he could accept. He went to chiropractors and took muscle relaxers, but those were temporary fixes and not solutions.

So he did what any others might do: online research.

The search led him to biomechanics and eventually to Functional Patterns, a workout program that incorporates primary movements, such as walking, running and throwing, into workouts.

The workout program is less about using heavy weights and traditional workouts you may see at the gym and more about using natural human movements and low weights to build strength and increase mobility. As Wiese puts it: “Train for life, not the gym.”

After the workout program, Wiese’s neck movement was back, the pain was gone and the grinding noise severely diminished. His arm extension loss also decreased from 27 degrees to just four degrees. A change in diet and the exercise program also led to weight loss.

“I can sleep. I can turn my head completely to the left, so I wish I never sold my motorcycle,” Wiese said.

Now, with a Functional Patterns certification in hand, Wiese has a goal to bring back movement without pain to as many as he can reach.

To do just that, he’s opened Move 2 Train, located at 111 W. Southway Blvd. Suite 102, offering static and dynamic assessments where one will receive a written or video report on how one can improve their posture, walking and running, postural correction, myofascial release and one-on-one training programs using the Functional Patterns program. He’s currently accepting new clients.

Clients have ranged from teenage athletes looking to improve their athletic ability, to middle age adults who wish to be able to squat down and pick up things without assistance or pain and senior citizens who need help getting into their cars.

“When someone tells me I’ve given them their life back, that is so much more fulfilling than a regular paycheck,” Wiese said. “It just makes me happy to help people get out of pain and get back to doing their daily activities.”

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